Family Holiday Accommodation The Entrance

A family holiday is the best time to bond with immediate family members and sometimes every member of the clan, a big family reunion that brings immense happiness to everyone. Family Holidays are very important events that need to be carefully planned out to ensure success during the little precious time everybody has to enjoy each other’s company. The reunion event happens just once in a while and should be given much thought and consideration, WHERE? Is a good question to start with on the planning stage of the much anticipated family holiday.

Ideally, the family holiday should be held in a new place where there is something for every member to enjoy. Sightseeing is a basic requirement for everyone so the place should offer great new sceneries and spectacular landscapes, eye candy if we may say. The location should offer excellent recreation activities for family members young and old, for you won’t expect holiday goers to just sit around staring at each other, and besides, new and exciting experiences are best shared with everyone. And most importantly, the holiday location where the family reunion will take place should have amazing accommodation facilities where the all important bonding moments will take place. Comfortable, spacious and well designed living facilities where the family can stay and commune in their own little place in paradise.

Head out to The Entrance, a prime holiday town North of Sydney where the Two Shores Holiday Village is neatly tucked on the shores of the beautiful Tuggerah Lake. This resort is the best family holiday accommodation The Entrance has to offer, with everything needed for a successful family holiday within the resort’s vicinity.

The Entrance is characterised by spectacular surf beaches with fine sands and warm crystal clear waters, the grand lake Tuggerah and virgin forests and parklands. Every imaginable water and land recreation activities are offered by the holiday village that will surely appeal to family members of all ages. Swimming, boating, rowing, sailing, fishing and kayaking are best enjoyed at the beautiful beaches and lake, while camping, trekking, and hiking or bushwalking are a different experience on the National Parks surrounding the village. Bird watching is also a popular attraction with thousands of migratory birds living and flying around on the foreshores, with pelicans dominating the scenery. The Entrance earned its nickname “The Pelican Capital of Australia” as thousands of these fish eating bird species call the Tuggerah Lake home. A daily pelican feeding event happens on the lake where tourists can hand feed the pelicans, an unforgettable experience for kids and adults staying in the area.

Family holiday accommodation The Entrance offers at the Two Shores holiday Village is strategically located, as the holiday resort sits on the banks of the Lake Tuggerah where all the recreation activities begin to happen. Bonny and excellent waterfront cabins and villas designed to accommodate families or vacationers offer comfortable living spaces with priceless views of the lake and the ocean, and amenities unmatched anywhere in Australia’s Central Coast.

Family holiday accommodation The Entrance considers as its best is at the Two Shores Holiday Village. Book your family holiday now and get the chance to experience the family bonding of a lifetime. Visit for more information.