The Entrance Self Contained Accommodation

The Entrance is fast becoming the destination of choice for local and international tourists who are on the lookout for the best holiday venue in Australia. Located along the Central Coast in New South Wales, The Entrance is a small holiday village which has a natural beauty and splendor unique to its locality. Pristine beaches and virgin forests envelop the district which attracts thousands of tourists to its shores year round. The coastal highway leading to The Entrance opens up a paradise beyond compare anywhere in the world.

Rolling hills and verdant landscapes soothe the senses, and the eyes are treated to magnificent views of the Pacific Seas. The gentle winds from the ocean are a welcome relief to weary souls of travelers looking for a temporary refuge from life’s little battles in the urban scene. You can’t help but be poetic in such a wonderful place, besides, the ocean waves and the branches dancing with the wind is definitely poetry in motion. Immerse yourself and fall in love with the momentary serenity and exquisite beauty offered by The Entrance.

The Entrance is 100 kilometers north of Sydney and 60 kilometers south of Newcastle, a little over an hour’s drive from both urban centers, the locality is well known as the Pelican Capital of Australia with thousands of the bird species flocking to the beaches, lakes and lagoons to breed and feed. A daily pelican feeding event is held daily at 3:30 in the afternoon by the magnificent Tuggerah Lake and tourists are treated to a rare opportunity to get up close and feed these birds by hand. The Tuggerah Lake is in itself a very popular tourist attraction where caravans and campers regularly stopover and stay a few days to enjoy the natural wonders offered by The Entrance.

The Entrance self-contained accommodation facilities are designed to give visitors and guests the ultimate in holiday comfort during their stay. The most admired and critically acclaimed rest and recreation facility is the Two Shores Holiday Village, a resort located right on the lakeshores of the Tuggerah. The Two Shores Holiday Village is a complete one-stop vacation facility with all of The Entrance’s beautiful offerings readily accessible within walking distance. It also offers the convenience of being near restaurants, entertainment centers, shopping centers and world class golf courses in the area.

The Entrance self-contained accommodation at the Two Shores Holiday Village offers breathtaking waterfront views of the Lake and beaches and features deluxe, beautifully appointed cabins and villas that seamlessly blend with the picture perfect landscape. Enjoy the glorious sunrises and sunsets, feed the pelicans and ducks in the lake and bask in the comfort of your very own private self-contained accommodation only Two Shores Holiday Village can provide. Everything you need for a perfect holiday getaway at The Entrance is at the Two Shores Holiday Village.

Book your dream holiday today at and avail of The Entrance self contained accommodation only at Two Shores Holiday Village. We guarantee the experience will be one of your best!