Central Coast Caravan Park The Entrance

The great way to enjoy precious holidays and vacations is to travel to new and exciting destinations with family and friends in tow. The more people there are the better to share the holiday experience with. Australia is definitely the best place on earth to go to for family vacations as the country’s great outdoors offers endless thrills and amazement never experienced anywhere else. The beautiful Australian landscape feature wonderful sceneries, with Great Plains, rolling hills, verdant mountains and pristine national parks that line up the long stretches of highways which present something new to discover on every turn. The most spectacular beaches in the world can be found in Australia’s Central Coast, where countless tourists go on caravans to explore the very best of Australia.

The Central Coast in New South Wales is truly a world class travel destination. The region offers everything you need to have the perfect holiday with great views, good food, excellent accommodation facilities, relaxed lifestyle and fine countryside attractions considered by many as the world’s best. Holiday caravan tours, where families or large groups of tourists ride down the highways of New South Wales to explore its magnificent landscapes, are the most ideal way to enjoy the scenery and each other’s company. Central Coast offers more than fifty holiday parks with unique attractions that will surely bring wonder and joy to everyone.

The most popular among Central Coast’s caravan parks is at the Two Shores Holiday Village at The Entrance, a favorite holiday town among thousands of caravan tourists who flock to this village for its natural wonders. Also known as the Pelican Capital of Australia, The Entrance is home to thousands of these majestic birds that nests and feed on the grand Tuggerah Lake where the Two Shores Holiday Village is located. Surrounded by spectacular beaches and national parks, The Entrance is a place where people can commune with nature, a perfect place to relax and enjoy the wonders of Central Coast.

The Two Shores Holiday Village is a resort nestled on the shores of the Tuggerah Lake, and is within walking distance to the great tourist attractions offered by the town. A short distance away from the resort are the acclaimed restaurants and cafes serving Australian and international cuisine, shopping districts, entertainment centers and malls. It is surrounded by nature parks ideal for camping or trekking and world-class beaches for swimming, surfing, fishing and all kinds of water sports. The great Lake Tuggerah itself is teeming with water sport activities, which makes the holiday village the perfect place to stay when at The Entrance. Beautiful, well-appointed, comfortable and spacious cabins offering priceless views of the great lake and the surrounding beaches are available and can be reserved through www.twoshoresholidayvillage.com.au.

Central Coast Caravan Park at the Two Shores Holiday Village, The Entrance will surely give everyone in the caravan a reason to come back for more!