Accommodation The Entrance

The Entrance is a gem waiting to be discovered. To those who are not familiar, The Entrance is
a holiday village located on the Central Coast of New South Wales and it is where the majestic
Tuggerah Lake spills over graciously to the Pacific Ocean. The Entrance is characterised by
pristine beaches, natural parks and a beautiful lake teeming with beautiful fauna and flora, the
abundance unseen anywhere else except in the Central Coast Region of Australia. The stunning
beaches of this holiday village feature glowing golden sands set in a backdrop of azure skies and
seas that seemingly enchants people who are lucky enough to have experienced the beauty of
The Entrance.

An hour and a half drive North of Sydney and about an hour away from Newcastle, The Entrance
is an ideal getaway for those who prefer a laid back atmosphere in a small town setting. It offers
tourists a perfect balance of recreational activities both in and out of the water, leaving it up to
visitors to choose their preferred activity day in and day out. The beaches and the Tuggerah Lake
are perfect for swimming, boating, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, jet and water skiing, fishing, and
almost any water based activity imaginable. On the other hand, those who prefer land based
recreation after spending time in the waters may enjoy cycling, hiking, trekking, rock climbing,
bushwalking, bird watching and more. Popular sports activities include beach volleyball, tennis
and golf which can be played on the different seaside golf courses along the Central Coast.

The most popular and perhaps most unusual draw of The Entrance is the Pelican Feeding which
attracts a horde of tourists who want to experience an up close and personal interaction with
these birds that call the beaches and the lake home. These birds gave The Entrance its well
known nickname “the pelican capital of Australia,” and a daily feeding event is scheduled at 3:30
in the afternoon which gives tourists a chance to hand feed the fish eating birds.

Visitors will be surprised that such a small district has world class facilities at hand to
accommodate guests who happen to discover the amazing world of The Entrance. Modern and
well appointed accommodation The Entrance and its people are proud of can be seen along the
lakeshore and coastlines offering guests comfortable dwellings while they explore the wonders
of this first-rate holiday village.

Accommodation The Entrance counts among its very best is the Two Shores Holiday Village, a
popular cabin and villa resort situated on the shores of the Tuggerah Lake that offers self-
contained waterfront cabins with breathtaking views of the magnificent lake and the Pacific
Ocean. The best of The Entrance surrounds the Two Shores Holiday Village, with everything
guests would want to do or need within reach. Water activities can be done on the lake where the
holiday resort stands, while a short walk would bring you the fantastic beaches and stunning
coasts. Shopping malls, fine outdoor and indoor restaurants and entertainment facilities are also
close by, adding to the convenience of staying at this acclaimed holiday village.

Accommodation The Entrance boasts of at Two Shores Holiday Village will surely satisfy guests
of all ages, making it the perfect vacation hideaway for people who want a little more of the finer
things The Entrance have to offer. Visit and book that
dream getaway today!