A Guide to The Entrance Accommodation

Located in the Central Coast area of New South Wales, The Entrance is a beautiful destination with plenty of delightful attractions that promise a memorable holiday for anyone. With a population just nearing 3000, the community at The Entrance is rather small but for travellers, the beautiful destination is full of fantastic activities and excellent sightseeing opportunities to enjoy. Of course, finding The Entrance accommodation is a must for those who are expecting a comfortable stay.
Cabins are an excellent choice to save money and to enjoy a great time at The Entrance. The cabins offered at the Two Shores Holiday Village come in different varieties to allow something to suit just about everyone. For those who love a view, there are cabins that offer a beautiful view of the lake and all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. You can also choose from park and pool street cabins if you are on the lookout for greater convenience and easier access to the park amenities. Cabins are a much more economical option to pricey hotels and also present you with an opportunity to get closer with nature. The facilities in the cabins include space to fit up to 4, 5 or 6 people (perfect for families) and all the necessary amenities to prepare your meals and to relax with a great view.
Villas are a great accommodation option if you are seeking for added comforts along with more privacy. Here, at Two Shores Holiday Village, you can choose from comfortable waterfront villas that offer great facilities with a great view of the lake. If you are a fan of outdoor dining with a view, a waterfront villa is the perfect choice as the Two Shores villas feature a varendahs overlooking the lake to enjoy a relaxing meal or to spend the afternoons, watching the gentle waves. Villas are a great option especially if you are travelling with a group of friends or with the whole family as they allow accommodation for up to 8 visitors at a time.
Waterfront camping and caravan parking sites
If you are visiting The Entrance to get in touch with beautiful nature, then there is no better accommodation option than a waterfront camping site where you can pitch a tent or park your caravan. The waterfront sites offered by Two Shores Holiday Village are excellent for nature loving travellers out there. Located directly on the edge of the lake, the site is perfect for relaxing with the water, enjoying a range of water activities and to try a bit of bird watching or photography. The waterfront campsite also offers outdoor barbecue and kitchen facilities as well as power to help you and your family enjoy your holiday in total comfort.
If you are planning a holiday to The Entrance, you can choose from a wide range of affordable accommodation at great rates. You can be assured that you can obtain all the essential amenities along with an unbeatable view at Two Shores Holiday Village. This is a great accommodation choice as aside from the beautiful views and all the right facilities, you are also given easy access to many of the fascinating attractions and fun-filled activities in The Entrance.